Our Price List

We are a local independent family funeral business, we are not owned by a national company or corporation, we do not have to answer to shareholders only the families who entrust us with the care of their loved ones.

We are a local business and in turn we too support other local businesses.

As a family business we hold strong personal views on how we think funerals should be arranged and conducted, we pride ourselves on our extremely high standards.

We base our costs not just on our services but also on our purpose built premises, our vehicles, our staff and our traditional family values.

We have pride in our work and enjoy adding the finishing touches to our funerals, such as dressing the grave for burials with straw or hay, flowers, even vegetables on occasion. Decorating wicker or willow coffins with ivy and flowers, wearing coloured or patterned ties or buttonholes if requested, basically, just adding personal touches to make the day more memorable for the right reasons.

Most of the time these things are done without additional cost to our families.

All funeral directors are legally required to publish this Price List for a standardised set of products and services. This is to help you think through your options and to make choices and to let you compare prices between different funeral directors (because prices do vary)

An Attended Funeral (Funeral Directors Charges) 2125.00
Taking care of all the necessary legal and administrative arrangements 1075.00
Collecting and transporting your loved one from the place of death (within approx 30 mile radius) into our care 275.00
Care of your loved one in our facilities and at our premises 275.00
Viewing of your loved one by family and friends at our premises (by appt. only and where requested by the family) FOC
For the provision of staff and a Hearse to transport your loved one to the agreed crematorium, cemetery or church. (This includes the attendance of the Funeral Directors, our Chauffeur driven hearse, which can leave from either our chapel of rest direct or via a home residence as part of a cortege with your own vehicles. All required bearers and extra staff should we need them for other duties connected to the funeral service) 500.00
An Unattended Funeral (Direct Cremation)
This is a cremation where the family and friends may choose to have a service, event or ceremony for their loved one but NOT attend the cremation.
Direct Cremation (Funeral Directors charges plus the cremation fee) 1999.00
Fees you must pay
For an attended or unattended burial funeral* poa
For an attended cremation funeral 935.00 - 1010.00
For an unattended cremation funeral** 650.00
Additional Funeral Directors Services and Products
Traditional wooden veneered coffin 475.00
Solid wooden coffin poa
Wicker/ Willow coffin from 750.00
Cardboard coffin (plain, colourful, bespoke designed) poa
Ashes containers (scatter tubes, wicker/ willow caskets, oak caskets poa
Additional transfers of your loved one (to their home or place of worship 175.00
Chauffeur driven Limousine for the day of the funeral 250.00
Chauffeur driven Galaxy car for the day of the funeral (when required as an additional car to our limousine) FOC
Additional mileage (removal or funeral) per mile 1.00
Funeral Officiant (Celebrant, Minister of Religion) from 195.00
Temporary wooden cross grave marker FOC
Temporary flower vase FOC

* This fee (which is sometimes called the interment fee) is the charge for digging and closing a new grave, or for the reopening and closing of an existing grave

** In England, Wales and NI, you will usually need to pay doctor's fees as well. This the charge for two doctor's to sign the Medical Certificates for cremation.