About our Service Chapel

The largest of our chapels was designed with a variety of uses in mind. It can be used as a chapel of rest, a family meeting room or as an informal service chapel.

The idea of our service chapel is for the use of those who perhaps have a small family group, perhaps do not want a full religious funeral service or simply do not want to travel to have a simple service at the nearest crematorium.

In our comfortable relaxed service chapel you can, at a mutually arranged time, have a simple service taken by the person of your choice or just simply yourselves as a family, you can have the chapel for as long as you need. You are welcome to bring in personal items, photographs etc., arrange the furniture as you wish and we can arrange floral tributes to be delivered and arranged as you want. Our main idea is to make the service as personal and as relaxed as possible. We can then travel to the crematorium ourselves afterwards at a later mutually agreed time.

You are welcome to visit our service chapel at any time.

The Chapel Funeral

A Simple funeral service in our own chapel.

The Chapel funeral consists of the removal of your loved one (within a 30 mile radius of our premises).

The care of your loved one until the day of the funeral.

A simple but dignified coffin.

The use of our own service chapel facilities in Kingsbridge to accommodate up to 20 mourners.

The service to be led by an independent celebrant, a minister or a family member.

The preparation of 20 printed order of service booklets. A simple coffin floral tribute to the value of £30.

The cremation will take place at a later time and will be unattended by family or friends.

We will collect the ashes from the crematorium on your behalf.

Funeral Directors charges £1800
Unattended cremation fee £650
Total Funeral costs £2450

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Coffin type to be agreed when making the funeral arrangements.
  2. Should a coffin be bigger than 6’ x 20” be required this will incur an extra cost to be agreed when making the funeral arrangements.
  3. If a newspaper notice is required this will be charged at cost.
  4. If further floral tributes are required these will be charged at cost.